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VIP British First Class Manufaktur

We are British

Quintessentially British and our craftsmanship takes place on the outskirts of Thurlaston in the county of Leicestershire. Not far from here, you will find the exact centre of England. One of the oldest cities in the UK, taking its name from Old English, makes Leicester the perfect starting place of our journey to turn exquisite but sustainable woodland into your part of your heritage.

Share this journey with us, visit our sawmill and chat to our expert wood artisans who will delight and intrigue you in the somewhat scrupulous way in which they go about their artistry. Be under no illusion, whilst we offer a myriad of choices throughout the british flooring collections, we are very proud and committed to the Forestry Stewardship Council, so you can rest in the knowledge that your floor is brought to you with the utmost integrity.

Long and Wide planks up to 15 m and widths up to 60 cm from one tree in a wonderfull harmony grading ( without knots and cracks) often from the britisch royal forests. - The finest old oak trees with many history.

" Take the best, designed by nature" - Let us begin.

CHAPTER 1 - Your vision. Our muse.

Your vision is what whets the appetite at British Flooring in Leicestershire. Knowing that your inspiration and desire for the absolute best feeling under your bare feet that you could possibly have, coupled with our proficiency and ability to draw out the natural beauty of the wood means that soon enough, your flooring will become a reality. It may take a little time, but, the best things come to those who wait. A floor completely unique to you and one which you absolutely won’t find anywhere else. So unique in fact, that our craftspeople, will autograph the reverse of your flooring. Let our artistry and quality of flooring sing.

CHAPTER 2 - The forests

Whose humbling existence serves as a pertinent reminder of how long these magnificent species have quite audaciously stood on earth. If only they could beguile us with tales of their history, myths, mystery, folklore and legends. All of which will be re-imagined and will adorn your floor. Treated with nothing but respect, we are very passionate about sourcing all of our wood from the forests of Britain and occasionally, Northern France.

Centuries old, often from the britisch royal forests, we are always captivated by the noble beauty of the timber we have the privilege of working with.

CHAPTER 3 - The choice

Such is the importance of choosing the correct sustainably sourced timber for your floor, that if you so wish, you can visit the sawmill in Thurlaston and be involved in the process right from the very beginning. Chat with the craftspeople, talk to them about your thoughts for your floor and customise to suit your personal preferences. So much so, that we can actually share with you whereyour wood started out in the world and which woodland it originated from. And because our wood is derived from more mature, larger trees, then should you need extra-long or extra- wide planks, you’re in the right place.

CHAPTER 4 - The mill

This is where creativity and exceptional craftsmanship seeps out of the walls. A mill for over 60 years, in the village of Thurlaston, Silvan has provided employment for local millers for decades. Even to this day, the craft lives on with many of our skilled team living nearby, sharing their skills with generations to come.

Visit the sawmill and see for yourself how ingenuity and wood are brought together in this unique way.

CHAPTER 5 - The craftsmen

At our UK based sawmill, our British flooring artisans go to great pains to ensure that the flooring we create for you is nothing less than perfection. Combining modern techniques and technology with traditional craftsmanship, this creativity takes place on our 4.5 acre site. The wood comes straight from the forests nearby and is then prepared by us before being transformed into the most harmonious of finishes. We cut, dry, grade and handfinish all our flooring, right here in Thurlaston in the UK. Not something which can be claimed by this care and attention to detail will result in a breathtakingly beautiful floor.

CHAPTER 6 - Finishing touches

From the very beginning in the forests, to the very end in our sawmill, everyone is involved in your journey to strive for perfection. Great pride is taken with every step, no matter how insignificant it may seem. From the selection of the correct sustainable timber to suit your requirements, through to the finishing touches. And for such a task, only the human eye will suffice. With such craftsmanship and every project being completely bespoke, no level of technology can outwit the human eye. This is the only way in which to ensure that the floor you hope and dream for is pristine. In its workmanship, its quality and its design features.

CHAPTER 7  - The floors

We truly appreciate the importance of sustainably sourcing our timber. We hand make all our floors which are derived from the finest quality grades of timber. As such, we will only use Veneer grade logs. These particular trees are in their final years and provide a perfect grain structure and colour. The natural wear of the wood, over time, is subject to the meteorological elements which contributes to a floor of the finest quality and character. You can be assured that we carry out relevant due diligence in line with EUTR (European Timber Regulations). We would always advise our clients to bear this in mind when choosing wood for your flooring, thus making the most sustainable choice possible.

Our clients

We work with designers, architects and individuals around the world. No space or concept is too challenging. Let us know what you have in mind or talk to us about how flooring could compliment a design, and we will show you how that vision could come to life.

A Selection of Finishes

THE BRITISH RANGE Exceeding Expectations

The British range comprises the most exquisite hand crafted extra-wide and extra-long planks. Our plank widths range from 150mm right through to 600mm and up to 15 metres in length. Using hand-picked more mature trees, which are larger than the average, enables such flooring to be crafted just for you. Our British range offers you the ability to think out loud, customise, follow your instincts and create trends rather than follow them.


Dedicated to sustainability

As an FSC® certified business, we are compliant and conscious to the core with an environmental policy to be proud of. Mindful of our environment and attentive to our surroundings, we will only supply and work with fully sustainable wood flooring. Hardwood flooring that is replenished by way of our re-planting protocol every time it is taken from nature. Not only do we have the best craftspeople in the industry, but their creativity takes the timber we source to the next level whilst having the merest impact on the environment.


Our multi-layered board effectively counteracts the natural shrinking of wood. Constructed using a top layer of either 8mm or 6mm of your chosen species and the finest Birch throughout Plywood base ensures and maintains a high level of stability.

Our boards are compatible with underfloor heating, providing the correct guidelines are followed before, during and after installation.

To arrange a visit from one of our flooring consultants for Germany - Austria and Switzerland please call +49 (0) 7543 9346556 or mail@bodenvomsee.de.